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Garden Products

Find all of your gardening needs at New Leaf Nursery. We supply mulches, pebbles, potting mixes, fertilizers, garden ornaments, 

water features, pots, garden beds, worm farms, compost bins, chicken and duck feed, fauna houses, water features and fresh eggs.



We have a great selection of  hanging baskets, indoor & outdoor plant pots in all shapes and sizes to choose from.. and the pefect plant taboot, from modern to the more organic look, including wooden wine barrels, terracotta, ceramic and more. 

Soils & Fertilisers

Good soil is the secret and key ingredient to every successful garden. Gardens need to be nutrient-rich & well-drained. We have a great range of potting mixes and fertilisers for every type of  plant. 

Fauna Houses

Attract and protect our local wildlife by adding custom designed houses for species that frequently visit our area. We have hollow logs, bird houses, micro bat houses, native bee homes and more. Our native animals play a huge part in a healthy eco-system.

Water Features

Create a diverse aquatic ecosystem with water features. Attract birds, dragonflies and frogs to your garden. We have small water bowls, birdbaths and water features, as well as a great range of aquatic plants to choose from!

Garden Care

The secret to every garden is great garden care products.

Our range includes pest & weed control, fertilisers, manure, watering cans and more. We have a great organic range on offer which is ideal for your edible gardens, animals & kids.

Mulch & Pebbles

Give your garden a fast & effective facelift - we have an array of different colours, shapes and sizes to choose from.  We also have a free pile of mulch outside the nursery for all our garden lovers.

Raised Bed - Simone _edited.jpg
Garden Beds

There is a wide selection of planter boxes available from ½ wine barrels to corrugated raised planter beds; even unique self contained and watered vegepods; plus custom planter boxes made to order.

IMG_1647 2.heic
Worm Farms

Did you know that almost half our your household waste is recyclable, and makes a fantastic compost for your garden. Our Australian made worm farm kit's when established will process around 6kg of food scraps every week.

Gift Cards

Looking for that little something for someone who has everything. Gift cards are a great alternative to gifting for that fussy friend!

guaranteed love in a card.

Fresh Eggs

We sell fresh chicken and duck eggs at New Leaf Nursery. They are delivered fresh every Thursday. Open-range, full of flavour, colour, and protein - taste the difference! Available by the dozen or tray (30eggs) in sml, med & lge.

IMG_1617 2.jpg
Organic Seeds

Growing from seed is very satisfying! Growing does take patience, but it will reward you with beautiful results, from flowers to edibles. Whether you want plants for spring, summer, autumn, winter, we have a vast selection of organic seeds.

Chicken Feed

Healthy chickens that produce quality eggs require a healthy feed. You'll find everything you need for your chickens at home. We stock a vartiey of feed including Laucke Mills (most popular) and Country Heritage Feeds (organic feed).

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