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Chickens, Chicken Care & Fresh Eggs

Backyard Chickens

We have a great selection of chickens available at the nursery, ranging from day old chicks to laying hens (approx 24 weeks old).

Breeds we often have include AustralorpesIsa BrownsWhite Leghorns, and Silkies.

 (If you do wish to purchase a chicken we ask you to please bring a large box to contain the ladies in your box)

Chicken Feed & Care

We also stock quality chicken and duck food from organic to conventional pellets & grains, as well as hay, lucerne and straw.

Healthy chickens that produce quality eggs require a healthy feed.You'll find every thing you need for your chickens at home. We stock a vartiey of feed including Laucke Mills (most popular) and Country Heritage Feeds (organic feed).

Fresh Free Range Eggs

Purchase your free range eggs at New Leaf Nursery - you really can taste (and see) the difference, full of flavour and the yolk is a brighter yellow. Our eggs are popular with all the locals - they literally fly out the door, delivered fresh every Thursday.

Small $6, Medium $7 or Large $8 per dozen...or trays of 30 for around $16

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