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Landscape Plants


Indoor plants add instant flair to your home or office. They will brighten up your room and also filter the air. You’ll love our fantastic range of low maintenance, easy care indoor plants, including succulents and tropical indoor plants.


We have a huge range of healthy outdoor plants, including tropical palms, ferns, grasses, climbing plants, hedges, Camellias & Azaleas, ground covers, from young plants to the well established at competitive prices.

We have a great selection of your favourite plants and some weird and unusual ones too. Our range includes shrubs, tree hedges, palms, climbers, natives, edibles, ferns, tropicals, grasses, tube stock, succulents, cactus, bonsai, ground covers, feature plants & more.



There has been a resurgence of vegetable gardens in the suburbs in the past decade. But why limit it to just herbs or vegetables! Grow your own fruit and bush tucker at home and with a little work, have a supply of organic food at your disposal.


Hide your neighbours with a great range of screening plants from fast growing lillly pillies to viburnums & feature magnolias such as little gems & Teddy bears. plus many others to choose.


Succulents are a popular choice for many, they are very low maintenance, which makes them favourites for easy gardening, both indoors or outdoors. From smaller plants to well established we have a large variety available. They also make great gifts!


Bring classic beauty to your backyard with Australian Natives. Natives are ideal for those looking for a water-wise, hardy garden, perfectly suited to our environment. Lure native animals to your garden with a these tough & well adapted plants.  

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Introduce some colour into your garden with flowering plants.  Flowering plants in your garden can lure bees, good bugs and birds into your yard. Our range is great, with heaps of plants available that are always in flower. You will always find something flowering that will bring joy to your garden.


Palms are great for that tropical looking garden .Hardy, fast growing & fantastic to screen off your neighbours such as the golden cane palms or Rhapis palms. We also have Kentia palms, Bangalows,Alexander, Date palms & more.

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