Edible Plants


We have a big range of quality edible plants such as:

Almond Figs Plums
Apples Grapes Pineapple
Apricots Guavas Pomegranate
Avocado Ginko Raspberry
Asparagus Hazelnut Rosemary
Babaco Kiwi Fruit Rhubarb
Bay Tree LoganBerry Sapote
Blueberries Mango Strawberry
Blackberry Nectarine Sugar Cane
Cherry Olive Tea
Citrus Peach Wompi
Coffee tree Pear
Cardamon Persimmon
Curry Tree Passionfruit

Bush Tucker:

Finger limes Macadamia nuts Lillypillies
Lemon Myrtle Native plum Native spinach
Native mint Midyum berry

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